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Identify Landline, Cell Phone or VoIP Phone Number. Check if Number is Active.

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Reverse Phone Lookup in a Batch
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Verify Phone Type
Verify if a phone number is cellular (wireless, mobile) number, or a landline (home or office wire line) number, a VoIP (Voice over IP) number. Works for US and Canada.

Check if number is Active or Disconnected NEW

Free service offers about 95% accuracy for line type. The real-time Local Number Portability (LNP) check is 99.9% accurate for both line type and carrier. Exact port date and new phone company is reported.

How to Verify
  • Enter US or Canadian phone number in any format

Results Typically Include

  • Phone type - landline, cell phone (wireless) or VoIP
  • Carrier (phone company) name
  • Location, time zone, area code info and map
  • For VoIP lines, the company name shown will be a local exchange carrier, VoIP reseller like Level 3 Communications, not the actual VoIP service provider like Vonage, Magic Jack or Google Voice.
  • Not all information is available for all records.

Information Sources

  • North American Numbering Plan Administration, Canadian Numbering Administrator
  • Specialized phone company databases
  • SearchBug proprietary data and methods
  • Near-realtime sources (for current information)

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