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Compare SearchBug Account Types

A SearchBug account is necessary only if you wish to run searches that require payment. The account will allow quick ordering and access to previously purchased reports. We offer several account types to suit your needs.

No Account
If you prefer not to register or create an account you can use SearchBug free searches with certain limitations (see chart below for comparison).

Personal Account
A personal account is a cost effective way to conduct public record research to locate and find relatives, lost friends, investigate your neighbors, your landscaper, your contractors, your nanny and much more. You can select a simple Pay-As-You-Go payment plan (pay per use) or you can choose to get discounts with our prepaid plans.

Business Account
A Business account provides access to more sensitive information including our SSN verification tools and supports multiple user access under the same account. As a Business Account you also get an additional business discount on all orders with a PrePaid Plan.

Non-credit card payment options are available to qualified businesses. Another advantage of a Business account is the ability to have a designated administrator from your company manage multiple user accounts. This includes detailed billing and usage reports on a per user bases. Multiple users can also share the same prepaid account balance and take advantage of larger discounts.

Verified Business Account
If you already have our standard Business Account and need access to federally regulated data you now have the option to go through a verification process to gain access to federally and state regulated data sources not available for general public.

Simply complete the online application, submit the fee for an industry standard site survey and gain access to vital additional information on a majority of the reports including but not limited to Social Security Numbers and Motor Vehicle information. Not only do you gain the ability to locate and search by SSN information but Verified Business Accounts on a Prepaid Plan can get discounts of up to 72% off all searches.

If you have a Standard Business Account and need this access, we encourage you to apply or call our office for further information. Not sure if you qualify, call us at 800-990-2939 to see what we think before you submit your application.

Compare Account Types

Features No Account Personal Account Business Account Verified Business Account
No Advertising - Yes1 Yes1 Yes1
Discounts - Yes2 Bigger Biggest
Access to Previous Reports - Yes Yes Yes
Support for Multiple Users - - Yes Yes
ACH and Wire Payments - - Yes Yes
SSN Verification Tools - - Yes Yes
Regulated Data Access - - - Yes
Death Records Search - 5/day3 5/day3 5/day3
Free People Search 10/day 25/day4 25/day4 25/day4
Research Tools 5/day 10/day3 10/day3 10/day3
1 Excluding Yellow Pages.
2 Discounts apply to Prepaid Plans only.
3 Unlimited Access is available.
4 Unlimited Access is free with Prepaid Plans and available separately with other payment plans.

Have questions? Call us at 1-800-990-2939