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About SearchBug

SearchBug® is a professional online service for finding and investigating people, businesses, addresses, phone numbers, conducting social security number verification in lieu of e-verify, and much more. The service is used by collections agents, consumer credit specialists, financial institutions, government agencies, health and medical offices, real estate and mortgage professionals, Mobile Marketing professionals, investigators plus many other businesses and professionals.

Searchbug clients use the service to verify information on their customers and trace current contact information for hard-to-find people for debt collection. Many professionals also use the service to keep customer lists up-to-date using list cleaning services or append customer or business information via batch processing or our API and XML gateway. Many Consumers are also using the service to find missing relatives, friends, help recover debts, free text messaging, and conduct property searches to get detailed of sales data for real estate investments.

SearchBug is managed by SearchBug, Inc, a private company in Encinitas, CA. We first launched our online services in April of 1995 and starting in 1998 we are operating under the SearchBug brand.

People Finder

We offer a comprehensive people search solution for both individual users and professionals.

SearchBug free online phone and address directory contain information on 146 million individuals and 96 million households in the US. The database contains PO Box, Rural Route and Highway Contract addresses as well as the listed addresses with unlisted phone numbers. The information is updated monthly.

Over 2 billion of online Public Records are complied from real property records, marriage and divorce records, death records, magazine subscriptions, voter registration and other public sources. The pricing starts from $2.50 for all users and as low as $0.25 for qualified businesses.

Professionals in financial services, collections, insurance and other industries may apply and once verified will be granted access to additional regulated data sources not available for general public. Access to better data can significantly increase the success rate of skip tracing, fraud prevention and help make better decisions in hiring and tenant screening. Restricted data contains non-public personal information regulated by Federal and State privacy acts (FCRA, GLBA, DPPA, etc.) and has limited permissible use.

Company Finder

Company Finder is a flexible tool to search almost 17 million business records in US. Search results can be refined by category, products, services and brands as well as the distance. Found business can be displayed on the map with standard and arial views.

Research Tools

We offer a variety of free tools to verify and lookup phone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail and IP addresses, area codes, zip codes, and other pieces of contact information. The most popular are free SSN verification and Landline or Cellular phone number check.

List Cleaning

SearchBug offers customer mailing address and phone list cleaning, batch processing, data scrubbing and data appending servicees. The newest Phone Number Type Identification tool allows to process up-to 100,000 records online.